• "Iken have been a pleasure to work with, however the system stands out for itself"
    Emma Mason, eastlaw
  • "Iken's an ideal solution for in-house legal teams"
    Premier Farnell
  • "Iken has given us a 10% efficiency increase"
    Wiltshire Council
  • "Iken is brilliant and definitely worth looking at "
    South Wales and Gwent Police
  • "Iken has quickly become part of our daily routine"
    Ageas UK

Why Us

Deciding which system to choose can be daunting, especially when many systems claim to provide the same benefits. 

Why should you choose Iken?

11 green and one red apple. Best choice case management software conceptAt Iken Business Ltd we specialise in Case and Matter Management software. This means that our core products are our only interest when it comes to investing the time and money to develop and support the software your team could be using.

As a result our software suite has been developed with our clients over twenty years by a team dedicated to continuous improvement and incorporating all the features we've been told you need. 

What our clients say

It's important when choosing a system to know that you are choosing the right system for your team, as Sue Dauncey of Avon and Somerset Police explains:


 ‘A major deciding factor was in finding a company with a proven track record of delivering specialist efficiency software to our sector. Iken case management is used widely by in-house Police legal teams across the UK, so we knew that it would compliment our existing working practices.’ 


Find out more about the teams we work with on our Sectors pages.