3 Reasons why better Process Management will make you more productive

12th October 2018
by Sara Peake

At Iken, half of our clients across a range of sectors still use mainly paper-based systems. The other half operate a paper-light approach. Without exception, all of them have significant room for further improvement: once they begin using Iken, the reduced time and effort involved in everyday business processes consistently improve productivity. Here are three of the ways Iken makes them more productive.

No more chasing information on email

How many times have you had to gather information by chasing a number of people for key documents over email? With Iken, our advanced Query functionality means that you can find everything you need in seconds, because it’s all in one place.

Iken indexes, using categories and matter files to group all your documents across a business, from email attachments to image files and letters. This means no more time wasted trying to guess what a colleague might have called a crucial file. Going forward, Iken saves new emails and attachments into matter files automatically, making collaborative working easier than ever.

No more relying on paper folders

That handwritten note in a paper file that might end up being a key piece of evidence for a lawyer or social worker, represents a huge reputational risk. Once it is logged in Iken, it can’t get lost, and will be saved in a way that makes it easy to retrieve when you need it. Accountability becomes easier to enforce, and this greatly reduces the risk misplacing key information.

The Iken Scanning module allows our clients to directly scan these important paper documents into a file stored and categorised logically within Iken, so they can’t get lost. By reducing your team’s reliance on paper, Iken can also free up valuable storage space, allowing you to downsize if needed or add more staff members without moving office.

No more sluggish connection for home workers

Iken equally enables remote workers to connect to their workplace Iken system from home through a remote desktop. This saves our customers countless potential wasted man-hours, allowing for a faster and more secure connection and an improved work-life balance when working from home or on the commute. It also significantly improves security, as explored in our previous blog on managing data risk.

To see how else Iken software could help you streamline your process management, read our Top Benefits of using Iken

By Al Frisby

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