5 Reasons to use Iken workflows

29th October 2018
by Sara Peake

By Saskia Aucott and Jennifer Tristram

The Iken Workflow Design Module is a great process management automation tool. Essentially it is a really smart, easy way of automating some of the administrative tasks teams have to perform every day. As part of your Iken Case Management system you can pre-populate documents and set up processes for just about anything, saving time, money and stress.

Workflows are particularly popular with our local government clients, but we would really recommend it for any organisation in need of an effective way of managing their teams’ workloads.

Here are the top five reasons why you need to try Iken workflows:

  1. Works the way you work
    It is really important to us that people can use Iken software to work as they normally work, rather than having to change the way they work to fit with the technology.The Iken Workflow Design Module is built to give people the freedom to adapt their processes as they evolve over time, rather than having to stick to a rigid configuration from five years ago that requires advanced technical abilities for every little change.
  2. Easy to use and update
    After your initial set-up and training, your team will be able to create and amend their own workflows themselves. The user interface is really simply laid out and feels quite intuitive, so it is easy to make changes.If a field needs to be amended or removed, your team can follow simple instructions within Iken to do it when they want, without having to pay for additional Iken development services for that workflow to be reconfigured.
  3. Free support and resourcesBeing an Iken Workflow Design Module user grants you access to multiple resources such as our support desk and the Iken Workflow Swap Shop at no additional annual cost.Though there are detailed, in-built instructions for use within Iken workflows, you can ring our support desk at any time as needed to get help with small changes as you learn to use the software – without incurring extra charges.The Iken Workflow Swap Shop is a community we set up for our clients to enable them to confidentially exchange Iken workflow templates. Why reinvent the wheel when other organisations have already mapped out the process you need? If you see a workflow template you like in the Swap Shop, we can provide this to you as a starting point and you can easily adapt it to fit into your own process.
  4. Manage your teamThe Iken Workflow Design Module is a great support for managers. Workflows set up standardised, step-by-step processes, which are tailored to your working approach.The module can be used to support new starter training and empowering new members of staff to manage their own workload earlier.As an integrated module within Iken Case Management, workflows can also reduce reliance on the knowledge stored in people’s heads. If someone is out of the office, managers have the flexibility to re-task current staff to complete the steps needed to get the job done. The Iken Workflow Design Module allows you to configure your workflows to only show staff the information they require at each part of a process or need to have access to.
  5. Save time and cut costsThe Iken Workflow Design Module quickly pays for itself in terms of the amount of time and budget saved. In fact, many of our clients say that workflows have helped them make substantial savings, thanks to being able to follow well-defined processes in the software.It can also free up time for your team to engage in more strategic activities. One local government team we spoke with said they had been able to save so much time through Iken workflows, that they were able to redirect their focus onto innovation and revenue generation activities.

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