Highlights from Iken’s User Group, Southampton

18th October 2018
by Sara Peake

How it works

Once our clients have invested in our knowledge management software, it’s really important to us that they benefit from the full functionality. That’s why we’ve been running Iken User Group events all over the UK for the past 15 years.

At these sessions, we reveal all the latest feature updates and listen to insights from our public sector clients about using Iken. We circulate feedback from the event not just to our technical team, but to the whole business so that there is total transparency on ways we can improve our products.

Southampton & Fareham Legal Services Partnership

Our venue – a conference centre at Southampton Solent University – seemed appropriate for an exchange of knowledge and ideas, making for a lively and productive meeting. Southampton & Fareham Legal Services were brilliant hosts too, ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

Caselines Integration

At the beginning of the day, Iken COO Tanya Corsie set out the agenda, which included an opportunity to see the new integration with CaseLines and an interactive demo of upcoming Iken functionality that is currently in development.

Sarita Riley, Service Lead at Southampton Legal Services Partnership, then ran through current areas of focus and challenges in her field. She went on to explain the benefits of management information reporting within Iken, advantages of using workflows & how Court Bundling had helped manage a reduction in print budget within her area. It was brilliant to hear about the positive impact Iken had had on her department.


There was significant usage of workflows amongst a selection of the users present, and during group sessions there were numerous instances where best practice was shared. Using them in order to avoid repetition of the same tasks was highlighted as a benefit, along with their ability to enable a broader range of colleagues to handle tasks that had previously been reserved only for more senior team members.

Using Iken

Sam Thompson, Practice Manager at Durham County Council, said that the Southampton User Group was a good opportunity to meet other Iken users, understand how they work with Iken, and share ideas on other ways of working including using reports and workflows.

Moreover, Chris Kirsz of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council said that the meeting helped to cement how he works with Iken, which he found particularly helpful as a new customer. Like Sam, he also gained a better understanding of workflows before engaging in formal training.

Overall, it was important for us to strengthen our relationships with Iken users and to understand more about how they are using the product. By doing this, we can develop our product in line with the future challenges they are anticipating. We were also particularly impressed by how engaged and invested Iken users are, as well as their willingness to share best practices.

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