Surrey Heath Borough Council Legal Services team select Iken Cloud

17th March 2022
by Sara Peake

“Surrey Heath Borough Council Legal Services team have worked with Iken Business for 15 years. In 2006 the team invested in Iken Desktop case management as the solution to managing documentation storage and filing. Iken Desktop has been an essential tool for improving information sharing across the team, helping to manage emails and to keep consistency across communications with pre-configured templates.
Whilst the system continued to provide the services required by the legal services team we wanted to ensure that the solution was in line with the Surrey Heath Digital Strategy. Before Covid-19 our ICT department were proactively looking at ways to further our agile agenda and to reduce the reliance on the server room, objectives which became even more important during 2020.
After working closely with the Iken team we came to realise that Iken Cloud would provide us with the functionality we required and would meet our Digital Strategy objectives. From engaging with the Iken Projects team to understanding the migration process, we were delighted when we successfully switched over to Iken Cloud only 2 months later.
The migration process from Iken Desktop to Iken Cloud was very smooth and we experienced no issues or lost data. The quality of communication and support from the Iken Projects team was excellent, with rapid responses to questions.
We received full product training along with a reference manual and a recording of the training. However, since then the Legal Services team has grown and the new starter was able to use the system with minimal in-house training as the Iken Cloud interface is intuitive to use.”

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