The Iken Support Commitment

28th October 2019
by Sara Peake

What separates a company you buy from once and another you’re with for years? Of course the quality of their product or service plays a big part, but it’s often the aftercare they provide that sticks in your mind.
That’s where the companies who make you feel valued set themselves apart. Regardless of their size, whether it be a small independent shop or a multinational corporation, they give your service a personal touch. When you encounter an issue, they resolve it quickly and without fuss.
At Iken, we pride ourselves on this kind of service. By putting our users at the core of everything we do, we make sure that our software matters. That means when you buy an Iken product, you’ll be fully supported no matter where you are – ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Customer centric support:

Iken Account Management:
Every Iken client is allocated a dedicated Account Manager who’ll arrange on-site visits alongside a schedule of contact points throughout the year based on the client’s individual needs. This ensures clients are up to date with developments in our products and services and you’ll retain a voice in the future direction of our service. Account Managers also ensure that the system continuously meets your business drivers while your team receive support on the best use of the system.

Iken User Groups:
Two annual meetings (Spring & Autumn) at different locations around the UK, giving you the opportunity to discuss best practice, common challenges along with tried and tested solutions.

Client-Centric Products:
All our clients are encouraged to raise suggestions for new features and products which support their evolving needs. The Iken support portal new feature voting system is a very active discussion area. Features such as dashboards, bundling and workflow swap shops are examples from this voting system.

Iken Product Roadmap:
Our roadmap is published on the support portal, allowing you to view upcoming features and updates.

Iken Support Desk:
The support desk which is based in Bristol, UK is open 09.00 – 17.30 on weekdays and we’re contactable via email, the Iken Support Portal or by phone. The Society for Innovation, Technology & Modernisation’s (SOCITM) annual report ranked our support the highest in our category.

Iken Workflow Templates:
We work with you to develop an extensive list of workflow templates for numerous legal & HR processes required by UK Public Sector (including FOI, Civil Claims & Employee Grievances).

Annual Software Upgrades:
A new version of Iken Desktop is released each year giving you access to powerful new tools and the latest functionality.

Customer Centric Approach:
The Iken support desk are customer centric technology champions. They work with all Iken departments from development, product management, installation, projects and account management on a daily basis giving them the latest insight into features along with individual client configurations. This inter-department knowledge sharing ensures responsive support designed so our clients derive the most from their investment.

IKEN Support Commitment

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