First Line Support Consultant

Company based in Bristol, UK – remote working options to be agreed - £18,000 - £23,000

First Line Support Consultant

Iken is an independent software company based in central Bristol. We have an excellent reputation for both our efficiency and productivity boosting product suite and our approach to client care. The Iken team is made up of people who aspire to high performance and continuous improvement of themselves and the business – and that’s what we’re looking for from you.

Our company values are at the heart of what all of our employees do day to day and we want to work with people with whom these values resonate. Within your role you will be expected to work inter-dependently, taking responsibility for your own success and that of the company – whilst being part of high challenge and high support company culture with a busy social life and corporate social responsibility agenda.

Job Title:                                                                                      First Line Support Consultant

In this role you will report to                                                           Support Desk Team Leader

Grade: ST1                                                                                        Salary £18,000 – £23,000

Description of Role:

As a First Line Support Consultant you are responsible for logging, investigating and resolving issues raised by users of the Iken software product range. You are responsible for proactively communicating with all users who report issues to the Support Desk to ensure the users and any client stakeholders are kept up to date as to the status of their issue.

Responsible for:

  • Analysing and solving common problems escalated to the second line arm of the Support Desk, liaising with clients regarding the progress of their problems
  • Liaise with end users and client IT departments to investigate and resolve issues
  • Investigating support issues through information gathering, directive questioning and use of client remote access facilities and remote support tools
  • Keep clients and account managers up to date on the status of their problems via conference calls and other mediums

Primary Objectives:

  • Take calls via telephone and email from clients and raise tickets using the Support Desk software
  • Utilise designated internal testing environments and other appropriate tools to recreate and investigate reported issues
  • Maintain detailed records of investigations into and recommended solutions for reported issues to ensure others are able to utilize this information
  • Problems reported are well documented, investigated and fixed in a timely manner
  • Attending and contributing to regular support team meetings
  • Prioritising and escalating issues where appropriate to Second Line support and working alongside them to gain further knowledge and experience.
  • Keeping clients informed on the status of their reported issues.

Skills and Experience:

  • Thorough understanding of Microsoft Office and Windows Operating Systems
  • Analysis and investigative skills
  • Time management and ability to multi-task
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience of working in a Support/Help Desk environment
  • Experience of using and supporting a bespoke application

Person Specification:

  • Ability to work proactively and independently whilst maintaining meaningful communication with the wider team
  • Desire to solve problems and to persevere until a resolution is reached
  • Desire to learn and develop

Our Values

We are Inquisitive

  • Fully understand and own role and its relationship to overall business objectives
  • Analyse the status quo and explore new ways to do things
  • Ask questions to clarify your understanding of something
  • Look at the bigger picture and the impact that actions and decisions have

We are Brave

  • Step outside of comfort zone
  • Stand up for clients
  • Voice your opinion constructively
  • Remain determined in the face of challenge

We are Tenacious

  • Set goals and work purposefully to achieve them, asking for help and support as required
  • Remain resolute in your commitment to overall business objectives and client satisfaction
  • Act cohesively with colleagues and clients to achieve outcomes
  • Don’t give up when things get tough, explore different ways to do things and think outside the box to achieve objectives

We are Warm Hearted

  • Proactively supporting colleagues and clients
  • A positive attitude and manner
  • A willingness to help out and go the extra mile
  • Considerate attitude to clients, colleagues and wider community


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