• "File retrieval is almost instantaneous with Iken"
    Aberdeenshire Council
  • "Iken cut our paper use by over 50%"
  • "Iken has paid for itself many times over"
    Telegraph Media Group
  • "Client satisfaction has increased by 50% thanks to Iken"
    Northampton Borough Council
  • "We saved over £10,000 in the first year of using Iken Document Bundling"
    Durham County Council

The Business Case

We'll help you with what to look for and how to secure the budget you need.

Top tips

There's a lot to think about when you're looking for a new software system, so we've put together a list of things you might not have considered:

  1. Be really clear about what your department wants from a system and go for the best you can afford;
  2. Think about the technical support function. It's important to be able to speak to a real person when you need answers, rather than lots of ‘press button’ options or being directed to a website;
  3. Look out for end-use upgrades. Some companies provide these as part of their annual fees but some companies charge to upgrade each new piece of functionality - which can translate to ongoing costs you might not expect. Remember, any time you’re buying software there’s probably going to be an update coming soon!
  4. Invest in refresher training. In our experience very little training goes into using day to day software - it's worth attending courses for tools as well as professional development;
  5. Make sure that everyone is using the system from the outset. Try to get buy-in before you even implement your new system, as we've found that teams with full buy-in get much better results than teams where uptake is varied and inconsistent. The more you use a system, the more you get out of it;
  6. Use a case management system to facilitate flexible and multijurisdictional working. Central access means that if team members only work on certain days, or work from home, it doesn’t negatively impact other members of the team;
  7. For case management systems make sure you implement naming conventions for files and documents. We recommend an agreed process for naming documents and cases so that anyone in your team can easily find them;

The business case

If you decide Iken is the solution for you we can assist you in making your recommendation, whether you're subject to stringent procurement procedures or need to present a detailed business case to your senior management team. Having worked with hundreds of in-house teams we have a depth of experience to assist you in developing a convincing business case that:

  • Calculates within a set time period how the system will save you money, enabling you to reasonably predict when you will achieve Return on Investment (ROI);
  • Suggests ways in which the system will deliver less quantifiable benefits, such as greater resiliance to staff absence and mitigated risk;
  • Is specific to your team and organisation;
  • Draws on real benefits achieved by our existing clients.

If you'd like to request a sample business case please contact us