• "We saved over £10,000 in the first year of using Iken Document Bundling"
    Durham County Council
  • "The team love the Iken system - it's user friendly and easy to navigate"
    South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse Councils
  • "In-house teams will massively benefit from using Iken"
    Jorge Roche, PageGroup
  • "One of the best technical support teams our IT has dealt with"
    Cornwall Council
  • "Iken is brilliant and definitely worth looking at "
    South Wales and Gwent Police


We understand that the most important factor in making your new system a success is how confident your team are using it.

Colourful tower of blocks. Training conceptUsing Iken with confidence

Without good uptake by new users any system will struggle to acheive the efficiency and productivity savings you want to support. That's why training new users is the most important aspect to any installation.

How we train

We send our experienced trainers to:

  • Provide classroom training for all new users at their own offices;
  • Deliver 1:1 desktop training the first day of using the new system to answer any ad hoc questions as your team encounter them;
  • Supply comprehensive training manuals for reference;
  • Tailor training to suit a variety of different levels of technical understanding;
  • Provide Super User training for system administrators and 'train the trainer' sessions so that you can respond quickly to any internal training needs from within your own team.

In addition to onsite training any ad hoc training queries can be answered directly by our support team or via the User Area of the Iken website, where the most up-to-date training manuals and FAQs can be found. 

For more information about Iken training please contact us.