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Iken Autumn User Group, October 15th

To be hosted by Southampton and Fareham Legal Services Partnership...

Iken is continually working to develop and improve its products and services and so proactively works in partnership with our clients to ensure they get the most from their investment in Iken throughout the lifetime of the contract.

The Iken User Group meets every six months in the spring and autumn and is open to all of our clients and their colleagues. Membership is free of charge, and the group is chaired by our clients themselves. Meetings are held at a wide variety of client locations to enable as many clients as possible to attend each year. The group facilitates networking and information sharing and provides a further opportunity to contribute to the Iken Roadmap.

We're proud to announce that the next User Group meeting will be held at Solent Conference Centre. Those attending the meeting will have the opportunity for some hands on interaction with our newest developments in the morning session. The afternoon breakout sessions focus on user led discussions, problem solving and sharing best practice.

If there's a topic of interest or agenda item you'd like to see covered, or you'd like to run a talk of your own, please get in touch with us to discuss further.

For more information on the event please contact us 01173 730790 or info@iken.co.uk.

Iken Administrator

Iken Administrator

Iken Staff
The name Iken is derived from the Scottish verb "to ken" meaning "to know". Related to the adjective "canny", describing someone who is wise, perceptive and incisive, we want to help you to be cannier. Iken software has been developed to help you and your team extend your "ken" by having exactly the right information at hand precisely when you need it.


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