Knowledge Management Methodology

Our knowledge management methodology combines learnings from our market experience and the successful development and use of Iken software. We have defined the major elements which are essential for knowledge workers to succeed in their roles, advising on each specialist component.

The methodology demonstrates the four key components needed to create a connected team and support the knowledge management processes.


Integrating your team’s software with a knowledge management tool is essential if you are to support them to deliver added value. Integration between key product suites like Microsoft Office and Iken reduces the amount of time knowledge workers spend on admin, while ensuring all activity can be tracked to specific cases. There are three elements to the implementation section: Email, Documents and Contacts.


Orchestration is the section of the methodology that combines: People, Process and Plans. Iken allows seamless integration between these 3 components.

Supporting your team to work flexibly increases their resilience, making them better able to cope with absences and changes to demand and budgets. Enabling access to common processes also makes it easier to up-skill your team in the event of change, with lken both mapping them out and storing them centrally.


Monitoring and managing operations can be broken down to three levels: Individual, Department and Organisation.

Integrating activity and reporting across these 3 levels can improve the operational efficiency of your business. Iken’s functionality combines the ability to set and monitor KPIs with transparent reporting and dashboard tools to support multi-level analysis. The ability to analyse the performance of individuals alongside departmental and organisational progress can help to identify additional chargeable work and ways to support teams in delivering more value.



Compliance, Information and Risk are unavoidable aspects of knowledge management, but proper management can make them painless.

Key dates around your compliance can be set and managed in accordance with your organisation’s processes, while it is also possible to create reports and generate workflows around these actions, streamlining delivery and ensuring compliance.

Iken tracks all activity, meaning that clear audit trails and reports can be produced, helping you to reduce risk and ensure compliance both internal and external processes.




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