University challenges:

UK Universities are managing a range of challenges from monitoring and supporting student wellbeing, to the ongoing impact of Brexit and consequences for international students, the increasing annual pressure on clearing and working to ensure a fairer admissions process to meeting the needs of students who expect a clear ROI and the complexities of Covid and home schooling.

The role of technology to meet some of the challenges has significantly grown; from enabling tutors to teach remotely, to Student Support teams using technology to track and support students’ wellbeing.

Iken support Universities to manage many of their challenges, for example:

  • Centralisation of all cases and knowledge including all history saves time and improves levels of customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Easy file searching and viewing technology makes day to day working much quicker and easier
  • Improve the quality of email and document management
  • University processes are easily embedded with Iken Workflow

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“Iken is perfectly designed for complex team structures and working practices – making it well suited to a University environment”

– Loughborough University

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