How we support IT teams

As a software development company, we understand how quickly technology evolves, that you need a supplier who will support your IT strategy, with robust security, ISO 20:001 certification, Cyber Essentials and product resilience. We work collaboratively with IT teams on both product integration and the successful long-term adoption of technology.

We recognise that for many in ICT there is both a requirement to consolidate existing technology as well as to maximise the financial return on these technologies.  Iken is designed specifically for internal departments and whilst many of our customers are from the Legal and HR sectors, our solutions are now also embraced by many others including Adult Social Care, Information Governance, Property, SEN, Trading Standards, Commercial and Procurement.

Please get in touch to find out how you can utilise Iken across your infrastructure.


    24th August 2021
    by Sara Peake

    API FAQ: The acronym API stands for Application Program Interface and is a term which many of us are becoming familiar with in our private and professional lives. But, what does it mean, and what impact could an API have on you and your organisation? To start with, you have probably benefitted from an API […]

  • Agile in the City: Can any Organisation implement Agile?

    21st November 2018
    by Sara Peake

    The agile methodology has inspired new ways of working in a huge variety of industries, from sales to financial services. We have even heard of it being used for house renovation projects! A fully agile way of working may not be suitable for all organisations but taking inspiration for team management is increasingly common and […]

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