Legal Services Team Challenges

Changing legislation, long hours, challenging clients, heavy caseloads, managing risk, and continuous financial pressures are common challenges we hear from lawyers – we understand that selecting, implementing and adopting legal technology needs to address all these considerations.

How we support Legal Service Teams

Our software offers the ability to effectively manage cases, effortlessly create court bundles and support compliance across your department, plus much more:

  • Provide central secure storage for collaborative and flexible working
  • Assist risk management for compliance by easily demonstrating audit trails
  • Auto-populate your documents with relevant information on creation
  • Support agile working
  • Link your documents, contacts and calendars

“We have worked with Iken for 15 years and have been delighted with how they have enabled the digital transformation of the Durham County Council Legal Services Team.”

– Durham County Council

“The Iken system, quality of customer engagement and people have been brilliant – I would highly recommend Iken as an intuitive, advanced solution to complex legal case and knowledge management challenges”.”

– Loughborough University

“Other legal teams should really consider a fully integrated case management system; Iken ticks all the boxes for us, it works very effectively.”

– Wiltshire Council

“We wanted to use Iken as a catalyst for transforming Legal Services into a cutting edge modern legal team. Using Iken has allowed us to update Legal Services.”

– Staffordshire County Council

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