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Performance Management and Driving Excellence at The Law Society’s In-House Division Conference

Iken’s Carolyn Muir and Tanya Corsie recently attended the Law Society’s In-House Division annual conference. The event aims to bring together in-house solicitors from public, corporate, not-for-profit and charity sectors. This was a really useful and engaging conference for us – and particularly relevant, too. Iken software was originally developed in 1996 based on the challenges Local Government legal teams were facing, so the team are very familiar with this sector.

The idea behind the conference was to discuss common challenges for legal in-house departments, pick up ideas and tips from the speakers and share best practice. With plenty of opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions and networking, it felt like a very people-oriented and process-centric event, touching on culture within legal departments and the wider organisation. Delegates were really happy that, for the first time, the conference was hosted over two days, creating a more relaxed atmosphere that gave everyone the chance to network as well as attending the sessions. The second day included more of a focus on aspiring General Counsels (GCs) and Heads of In-house teams, including themes around leadership. 

On both evenings, we attended the evening drinks which gave everyone an opportunity to relax and converse about the day’s topics and talks. We received a lot of interest at our stand, and enjoyed engaging with the delegates who came to speak to us.

We spoke to Paul Cummins, Head of Legal at Milton Keynes Council and Chair of the Law Society In-House Division Committee, to get his thoughts on the event and the challenges and opportunities of working as an in-house lawyer: 

A particular skillset is needed to be a successful in-house lawyer. These skills will include the ability to build relationships with senior management, the ability to give strategic and business advice, in addition to legal advice and an understanding of the risk appetite of the organisation. It is just as important to be able to facilitate and promote regulatory compliance by the employing organisation as well as to be able to advise on the subject. The Law Society In-House Conference is specifically aimed at giving Lawyers working in this community practical skills, examples of best practice and how to deal with the specific challenges faced by in-house lawyers whether in the public sector, industry or charitable sector. 

All in all, this was a great event with some very valuable learnings and we look forward to attending again in future.

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Iken Administrator

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