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Innovative, secure, and collaborative case and knowledge management cloud software integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Iken Cloud is the knowledge core of an integrated cloud environment developed to manage the complex and diverse workloads of any in-house team, supporting clients to save costs, add value and drive productivity.

Iken Cloud clients benefit from regular feature releases. To arrange a demo of the latest functionality, contact us:

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Comprehensive email and document management:

Iken Cloud helps you to manage emails and documents  from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace:

  • Generate emails and documents in context from a case or work file
  • Save external emails and documents into the system
  • Pre-populate email and document precedents with your organisation’s information
  • Auto-populate with contact details and case information
  • Utilise powerful search capabilities to track information

Real time and retrospective time recording:


Iken Cloud Time Recording & Analysis  provides essential data for management information and billing.

  • Effortlessly switch between multiple tasks and time entries
  • Evidence billing costs and disbursements with accurate time tracking
  • Demonstrate value with team analytics
  • Deploy resources effectively with detailed data
  • Establish and measure informed performance targets



Workflow design and implementation:


Iken Cloud Workflows make process mapping and reporting quick and simple, providing a consistent approach to standard processes allowing rapid response to legislative changes.

  • Generate your own workflows to meet process mapping and reporting needs
  • Automatically populate information into documents based on what’s already recorded in workflow fields
  • Create documents, add contacts, limit access and set tasks from within the workflow
  • Record changes to the workflow automatically, assisting with audit, security and risk management

Advanced document bundling integration:

Iken Cloud integrates with market leading cloud bundling provider Bundledocs – for more information please click HERE

Intelligent reporting and analytics:

The Iken Cloud Reporting Suite provides essential evidence to demonstrate the value your department delivers.

  • Deliver reports in multiple formats
  • An extensive library of the most frequently used reports
  • Examine and analyse existing report information
  • Collated summary of key reports in a single chart
  • Interactive reporting elements allow users to drilldown into key metrics from the summary chart
  • System usage reporting data informs management information

Powerful search functionality and previewing pane:

Easy file search and viewing technology allows you to preview documents without having them open saving resources and time.

Iken Cloud - Illustration 1 copy

Intuitive, accessible user interface:

Throughout the years we have been developing Iken Cloud we have designed it with accessibility in mind. We want Iken Cloud to be of benefit to all within an organisation which is why we have designed and tested the product to be WCAG 2.1AA accessibility standard compliant.


“Cardiff City Council Legal Services team are delighted to have selected Iken Cloud as their SaaS Case Management Solution. The breadth of functionality, levels of security and intuitive user interface support our Digital Strategy objectives.”  

-Cardiff City Council

“Mid-Devon District Council is pleased to confirm that it has selected the SaaS Case Management Solution Iken Cloud for the in-house Legal Services Team. The secure solution will enable remote collaborative working with access to a range of services which will simplify and automate tasks providing easy access to knowledge and documents. Iken Cloud supports our Digital Strategy.”

– Mid-Devon District Council


“Charnwood Borough Council is one of the largest district councils in the country, and the in-house Legal Services team are responsible for providing efficient and effective legal support to all the Council’s services. We have selected Iken Cloud as the SaaS Case Management Solution for our Legal Services team. The fully hosted cloud software will enable our team to safely collaborate remotely and the breadth of features and intuitive user interface will support user adoption. As established case management providers, we believe that Iken will provide us with the services and support required by our Legal Services team.”

-Charnwood Borough Council

“After working closely with the Iken team we came to realise that Iken Cloud would provide us with the functionality we required and would meet our Digital Strategy objectives.

From engaging with the Iken Projects team to understanding the migration process, we were delighted when we successfully switched over to Iken Cloud only 2 months later.”

-Surrey Heath Borough Council

Surrey Heath Borough Council Legal Services team have worked with Iken Business for 15 years. In 2006 the team invested in Iken Desktop case management as the solution to managing documentation storage and filing, in 2020 they migrated to Iken Cloud.

This is an exciting opportunity to leverage the power of Iken Cloud in conjunction with other technology partners.

Cloud partner integrations will drive opportunities for greater improvements and utilisation of existing technology across your organisation.

We have integrated with a number of partners for example; Bundledocs, a leading document bundling supplier, to find out more about cloud document bundling please click HERE.

We are actively working with new integration partners, contact us to find out more.


Information security is at the heart of Iken’ s management philosophy and is the foundation for both the company processes and all products we develop.

  • We provide a clearly defined and robust on-boarding and data migration journey.  We have dedicated and experienced teams supporting you at each phase, from initial consultation through to getting the project ready, live and fully supported.
  • We have clearly defined migration journeys to Iken Cloud which are clearly divided into stages, each designed with completion requirements and specific objectives. For those moving from a pre-existing case management system we have successfully migrated data from many other providers.

Find out more about on-boarding with Iken HERE

Iken Cloud is fully developed and supported in Bristol, UK

  • Our award-winning support desk is open 09.00-17.30 on weekdays and is contactable via email, Live Chat, the Iken Support Portal or by phone. The team have won the Service Desk Institutes global award for the Best Service Desk Customer Experience
  • A dedicated Account Manager will arrange on-site and virtual meetings and scheduled contact points throughout the year
  • Two annual user groups and regular Support Surgeries provide product news, top tips and support best practice

Find out more, click HERE

Our approach to pricing is to keep it as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Iken Cloud is available to buy:

Please be advised the G-Cloud entry does not reference all Iken Cloud functionality – contact us directly to find out more.

As a true SaaS technology, the Iken Cloud subscription fee includes the use of the software and support, hosting, security and maintenance.

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