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Case & Matter Management

Iken Case and Matter Management keeps your team’s essential information together. Iken simplifies document retrieval and enables quick progress overviews of a project or piece of work.

  • Securely access all file types from one location
  • Support agile working practices with remote access
  • Manage risk with comprehensive audit trails and alerts
  • Increase productivity by auto-populating your documents with relevant information
  • Link your documents, contacts and calendars

"Over the last three years we've seen a significant increase in demand for our services. Iken has helped us to deal with that increased demand - we can now create full cases where the file and all of the related documents are a part of the same process. It has given us near a 10% efficiency increase due to the fact that people can automatically save all of their documents and emails in one place."

Wiltshire Council

Email & Document Management

Iken helps you to manage emails and documents with comprehensive email integration and secure document storage and indexing.

  • Generate emails and documents in context from a case or work file
  • Instantly save external emails and documents into the system
  • Pre-populate emails and documents with your organisation’s precedents and templates
  • Auto-populate with contact details and case information
  • Utilise powerful search capabilities to track filed information

"One of the biggest benefits for us is having a central repository of documents for any given matter - which multiple people can access. The convenience of having three or four people working on the same matter and not having to go chasing around after specific emails or documents, because it’s all in one central Iken file, is very useful."


Document Bundling & Court Bundling

Iken Court Bundling & Document Collation creates electronic PDF bundles to dramatically reduce assembly time and save on costs. Bundles are quickly generated and stored, with any necessary repagination and reindexing completed in seconds.

  • Liberate your team from labour intensive document bundling
  • Ensure consistency across multiple copies
  • Cut costs of paper, printing and archiving
  • Support late additions and the creation of core bundles instantly
  • Enable electronic distribution

"We saved over £10,000 in the first year of using Iken Court Bundling & Document Collation alone, partly because it saved us so much money in paper and postage, not to mention staff time. In that way the system quickly pays for itself, it really is spend to save."

Durham County Council

Management Information

Iken MI provides essential evidence to demonstrate the value your department delivers. Iken produces detailed capacity reports alongside billing reports to support analysis of resources and targets. You can also automatically run important grouped reports for end of quarter, or end of year analysis.

  • Deliver reports in multiple formats
  • Schedule grouped reports to run automatically on a selected date or interval
  • Customise existing reports or design and build bespoke reports
  • Produce reports on system administration information

"With Iken MI we've been able to show how much work we actually do for the different divisions and departments, how long it's taken and the tasks involved. It's really helped us show best value."

Iken Workflows

Iken Workflows make process mapping and reporting quick and simple, while providing a consistent and documented approach to standard processes that can also be easily reported on.

  • Generate your own workflows to meet process mapping and reporting needs
  • Automatically populate information into documents based on what’s already recorded in workflow fields
  • Create documents, add contacts, limit access and set key dates from within the workflow
  • Record changes to the workflow automatically, assisting with audit, security and risk management

“We’re using Iken workflows to keep track of contract information. Workflows are a great way of recording information in the system that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get out in reports, such as the priority level or risk involved with a client, when key dates are and if there are certain clauses that are included or not. Using workflows in this way we can report on the information stored in them and use those reports as contract crib sheets.”

Ageas UK

Time Recording & Analysis

Iken Time Recording & Analysis supports the achievement of even higher levels of performance every day. Providing you with all the data necessary to set and monitor performance targets and accurately evidence your costs for management information and billing.

  • Effortlessly switch between multiple tasks and time entries
  • Evidence billing costs with accurate time tracking
  • Demonstrate value with team analytics
  • Deploy resources effectively with detailed data
  • Establish and measure informed performance targets

"We initially wanted Time Recording functionality to enable us to demonstrate the time we were spending on our cases; but now we've brought more work in-house we're using it much more to reclaim our costs. In the last twelve months we've recovered £100,000 in costs and that is thanks to being able to time record and produce reports that go into bills or cost schedules."

Greater Manchester Police

Iken Portal

Iken Portal provides real-time self-service information to your clients, maintaining transparency and delivering instant access to management information.

  • Instant access to a secure portal for all your clients
  • Display real-time reporting with the most up-to-date information
  • Download reports in multiple formats
  • Control access from within the Iken system
  • Brand the portal pages to match your company branding

“We see client portals as a way of meeting our customers’ expectations for online information and transaction detail. This enables self service and should lead to better communication and retention of existing customers, as well as expanding our customer base while providing a low cost business solution.”

Business Manager for Governance & Law

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