• "File retrieval is almost instantaneous with Iken"
    Aberdeenshire Council
  • "Iken fits with how people work in the real world"
    Amlin Insurance
  • "The team love the Iken system - it's user friendly and easy to navigate"
    South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse Councils
  • "Iken have been a pleasure to work with, however the system stands out for itself"
    Emma Mason, eastlaw
  • "Iken gave us confidence as a client"
    Cornwall Council

Not for Profit

Central access and reporting made simple

Access when you need it

Iken Case Management stores all documents relating to a case in one central file, so regardless of who’s in the office or what stage a case has reached, access to documents for a quick overview is easily achieved by whoever needs it.

On top of easy access the Iken system is highly configurable, accommodating different working methods alongside individual document and process requirements.

Dashboard reports

Despite central access making case overviews easy, Directors and Board members require more specific information for review.

Iken reporting allows you to produce figures to show:

  • The progress of your cases
  • The volume of work being undertaken
  • Whether important documents have been sent out within the correct time frames
  • What the work that’s been undertaken relates to in monetary terms

These reports are available as a variety of formats and file types, and can be scheduled to run automatically when you need them.

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