• "Iken is the straightforward choice"
    Spelthorne Council
  • "We’ve recovered £100,000 in costs thanks to Iken reporting"
    Greater Manchester Police
  • "Iken is brilliant and definitely worth looking at "
    South Wales and Gwent Police
  • "The team love the Iken system - it's user friendly and easy to navigate"
    South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse Councils
  • "Iken User Groups are a really useful networking tool"
    Greater Manchester Police

Shared Services

Looking for an integrated system for your shared service? 

two puzzle pieces fitting together. Shared services conceptIntegrated Case Management

Iken consultants have installed Iken Case Management at over two dozen in-house shared services - so we understand the complexity of supplying one system for two or more combined, but separate, teams.

We can provide comprehensive consultancy on a range of topics unique to shared services - such as identifying the different reports, client structures and methods of branding you'll need - and how these can be combined to work smoothly with your technology across a different team structure.

Supporting shared services

Iken Case Management provides everything you need to support your shared service team.

Central access to all case files means that teams from different sites can work on the same cases, while Iken reporting can provide analysis for each component team and for the service as a whole.  

South Wales and Gwent Police's Practice Manager, Les Lewis shares his experience of using Iken for their shared service:

“Iken is the main thing that links us together, because anyone within the department from either site has visibility of, and can work on, all of the files. At the same time, because the system clearly identifies which cases were opened by South Wales and which by Gwent, if we need to provide a breakdown of which office worked on what, this can be easily done.”

To find out more about our work with Shared Service teams contact us.