• "Iken has quickly become part of our daily routine"
    Ageas UK
  • "In-house teams will massively benefit from using Iken"
    Jorge Roche, PageGroup
  • "Iken has given us a 10% efficiency increase"
    Wiltshire Council
  • "Iken has paid for itself many times over"
    Telegraph Media Group
  • "Iken is the straightforward choice"
    Spelthorne Council

Case & Matter Management

Iken Case and Matter Management software is all you need to keep your team's essential information together 

Iken removes the frustration of finding documents filed by other team members, as well as enabling quick and simple overviews of progress on a project or piece of work. Using Iken Case and Matter Management makes tracking and retrieving your information easy and effective.

How Iken can help you:

With over 20 years' experience developing efficiency software for professional teams, Iken will:

  • Make document retrieval, gaining a quick overview and working collaboratively easy by saving all of your documents, emails and scanned images into one place;
  • Assist risk management for compliance by easily demonstrating audit trails;
  • Auto-populate your documents with relevant information on creation;
  • Support effective remote working;
  • Link your documents, contacts and calendars.

What our clients say

The key benefits of Iken software are the efficiency and productivity increases you can achieve when documents and other key work information are linked together as Frank Cain, Head of Legal Services & Complaints (Deputy Monitoring Officer) at Wiltshire Council, explains: 

 "Over the last three years we've seen a significant increase in demand for our services. Iken has helped us to deal with that increased demand - we can now create full cases where the file and all of the related documents are a part of the same process. It has given us near a 10%  efficiency increase due to the fact that people can automatically save all of their documents and emails in one place."  


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