• "Iken is brilliant and definitely worth looking at "
    South Wales and Gwent Police
  • "Iken gave us confidence as a client"
    Cornwall Council
  • "I would recommend Iken without hesitation - it's a fantastic system"
    Dyfed Powys Police
  • "Iken staff are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive"
    Stoke-on-Trent Council
  • "Iken have been a pleasure to work with, however the system stands out for itself"
    Emma Mason, eastlaw

Iken Workflows

Iken Workflows make process mapping and reporting quick and simple

Iken Workflows free up your team by saving time on standard case work, as well as providing a consistent and documented approach to standard processes that can also be easily reported on.


With over 20 years' experience developing efficiency software for professional teams, Iken Workflows will:

  • Allow you to easily create your own workflows to meet process mapping and reporting needs
  • Automatically populate information into documents based on what's already recorded in workflow fields
  • Support management reporting based on information in your workflows
  • Enable you to create documents, add contacts, limit access and set key dates from within the workflow
  • Record changes to the workflow automatically, assisting with audit, security and risk management


Iken Workflows can be used to report on information that isn’t always easy to quantify as Sarah Spencer, In House Solicitor at Ageas UK explains:

“We’re using Iken workflows to keep track of contract information. Workflows are a great way of recording information in the system that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get out in reports, such as the priority level or risk involved with a client, when key dates are and if there are certain clauses that are included or not. Using workflows in this way we can report on the information stored in them and use those reports as contract crib sheets.”

For more information about how your team could use Iken Workflows have a look at our product datasheets