• "Iken cut our paper use by over 50%"
  • "One of the best technical support teams our IT has dealt with"
    Cornwall Council
  • "Iken has given us a 10% efficiency increase"
    Wiltshire Council
  • "Iken has paid for itself many times over"
    Telegraph Media Group
  • "Iken has quickly become part of our daily routine"
    Ageas UK

Time Recording & Analysis

Iken Time Recording takes the pain out of management information and billing

Iken Time Recording & Analysis provides you with all the information you need to set and monitor performance targets and accurately evidence your costs. Your team members can easily swap between multiple stopwatches and time can also be recorded automatically against open documents - so recording your time isn't a task in itself.

How Iken can help you:


With over 20 years' experience developing efficiency software for professional teams, Iken Time Recording will:

  • Enable you to record new time items at the click of a button;
  • Make entering time for multiple different tasks, and switching between time entries, quick and simple;
  • Provide you with detailed information to support billing costs;
  • Provide detailed information to support workload and resource allocation;
  • Enable you to set and measure informed performance targets.

 What our clients say

The key benefit of Iken Time Recording is the detailed view it provides of how time is spent, which can inform work planning and cost schedules as Damian Boote, Senior Administrator at Greater Manchester Police, explains:

"We initially wanted Time Recording functionality to enable us to demonstrate the time we were spending on our cases; but now we've brought more work in-house we're using it much more to reclaim our costs. In the last twelve months we've recovered £100,000 in costs and that is thanks to being able to time record and produce reports that go into bills or cost schedules."  


 Iken Time Recording is a stand alone product or comes as a standard, integrated module with Iken Case and Matter Management.

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