• "Iken have been a pleasure to work with, however the system stands out for itself"
    Emma Mason, eastlaw
  • "Iken is brilliant and definitely worth looking at "
    South Wales and Gwent Police
  • "We saved over £10,000 in the first year of using Iken Document Bundling"
    Durham County Council
  • "In-house teams will massively benefit from using Iken"
    Jorge Roche, PageGroup
  • "I would recommend Iken without hesitation - it's a fantastic system"
    Dyfed Powys Police


By Chief Technical Officer, Chris DrewI first noticed the importance of email integration for workplace collaboration early on in my career, when I worked as a litigation lawyer in a private practice. I noticed that when my lawyer colleagues would go on holiday, there was always the constant worry as to whether the people left behind in the... Read more
In today’s fast-paced working environment, we are more digitally connected than ever. We are slaves to our phones – both in and out of work – and even WhatsApp, Skype and instant messaging apps have found their way into our offices. With this ever-accumulating mass of notifications, how can anyone cut through the noise and identify the critical,... Read more
 From starting out as PA to the Directors, Tanya Corsie has worked hard to achieve her senior leadership role at knowledge management software business, Iken. As COO, Tanya focuses on business improvement, client experience and strategy – critical components for the success of the company. With her strong work ethic and enthusiasm for... Read more
How it worksOnce our clients have invested in our knowledge management software, it’s really important to us that they benefit from the full functionality. That’s why we’ve been running Iken User Group events all over the UK for the past 15 years. At these sessions, we reveal all the latest feature updates, present the Iken roadmap and listen... Read more
 In Hills of Eastern Spain, a number of General Counsel from large organisations across Europe gathered for the Annual GC Strategy Summit earlier this month. The superb Asia Gardens provided the setting to enable a pause from day to day work (yes even in this vast technological accessible age), to reconnect, learn, share & network with... Read more
 A true highlight of any public sector calendar is the annual Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA) HR event. We had a brilliant time in Gateshead from 18-20 April, with talks on everything from the future of work to artificial intelligence. The vibrancy and positivity in the room was almost tangible, making it an absolute joy to... Read more